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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Declan: You've brought in significant changes at the Royal Mail - tens of thousands of people have lost their jobs, you've scrapped the 2nd post. How difficult has this been, and are your staff with you - do they understand your reasons for the changes?

Allan Leighton:
It's been very difficult because it's customers and people you are talking about. However, the results for the last 3 years have shown that it was the right thing to do and our people are very much more aware and supportive of it.

Declan: That sounds like they weren't signed up to your thinking at the start?

Allan Leighton:
Absolutely. Because they'd had a history of management never delivering what they said they were going to do. The one thing about this group is that we listen to what people say and are very candid about what needs to happen. People don't always like that, but they respect that.


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