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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Missing mail

mrx9 asks: "what is being done about this problem of losing mail".
Margaret, by email, asks "does the Post Office still employ thieves?"
There is a problem here - what are you doing about it?

Allan Leighton:
First of all, we don't employ thieves intentionally. Actually, 99.92% of all the mail arrives safely - that's not our number it's the checked number. But to me if we lose one letter, that's one letter too many. So we've reduced the number of casuals by about 20,000 and we now are allowed - and have been for the last 12 months - to vet potential new employees for a criminal record. That's something we couldn't do before.

mrx9 also asks: "where does the lost mail actually go and why does it never turn up?"

Allan Leighton:
When it's lost it's difficult to say where it goes. Often if it's addressed wrongly, which is the number one issue on lost mail, it goes to Belfast where we try to track the sender. Remarkably, over half the mail that's addressed wrongly, we manage to find the right address. The rest we keep or return to sender.

Declan: I've had post delivered that just says "Declan Curry, BBC, London"

Allan Leighton:
Often we get letters with just that type of address. We have a special group in our Mount Pleasant sorting office in London who 50% of the time will get it delivered even without a proper address.


Blogger Nick said...

I think that the Royal Mail does a fantastic job. It's one of the best value services you can find anywhere in the UK and they've responded really well to the challenge of the moving goalposts. We did not need an open market here but they've risen to the challenge. I would use them over any other service every time.

7:22 AM

Blogger RaptorX said...

I think you should put CCTV cameras into the Royal mail postal branches. So much of our precious mail is lost & some are stolen. How have you tried tackled this?

7:22 AM

Blogger David Butler said...

As a membership Secretary for a small charity I repeatedly suffer from missing membership renewals - this is embarrassing for both me and the sender. Also my mail repeatedly goes to the wrong postcode, despite many complaints to my local sorting office.

7:27 AM

Anonymous Nikki Wood said...

There seem to be certain areas within the mail network that are postal "Black Holes" where far more than a fair share of mail seems to go missing.
I saw the frustrating effects of this when I used to work for an insurance brokers.
What's being done to root out & remove the problems?

7:28 AM

Anonymous Robin said...

I have recently found out that 'Guaranteed Signed-for Delivery' means that mail is guaranteed to be delivered and signed for.... BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE ITS DELIVERED TO OR WHO SIGNS FOR IT! My birth certificate was sent to me in this way and apparantly it was delivered on time and signed for. But not to me! It was 3 weeks ago and the Royal Mail are still not able to tell me who signed for it or where it is. I am worried about identity theft. I am so angry and may find out about taking this to court.

7:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

id like to now how the royal mail lost my marriage certificate between the post office and the passport office when all the other paperwork handed in at the post office at the same time got there ok?got there ok?

7:47 AM


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