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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More praise

Nick: I think that the Royal Mail does a fantastic job. It's one of the best value services you can find anywhere in the UK.

Anonymous: Everybody criticises the Royal Mail, but I think its one public service in Britain that's actually well run and value for money!!

Allan Leighton:
I agree. However, we still have plenty to do. It can be better but the key thing is we're making progress.


Blogger alfie3570 said...

how many people blame royal mail when they havnt even posted mail i have had a couple of problems with this my car insurance for one only when i told them i was a postman they admitted they hadnt sent my cover note to run a buisness on trust theses days is very risky have you any plans on how you could tighten up on this

7:41 AM


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