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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

On the door step

Andytf: I have a repetitive problem of parcels being left on my doorstep despite numerous complaints to the Royal Mail. Why can't Royal Mail train and enforce what is a very simple process, namely DON'T LEAVE POST ON PEOPLE'S DOORSTEPS"

Allan Leighton:
Andy, if you email this to me direct I will look at your issue specifically because this shouldn't be the case. You can get me on

Declan: Is there a general rule about leaving post or not leaving post on the mat?

Yes. The rule is you don't leave it on people's doorsteps. Often our people will try and leave it with a neighbour who they know to save people having to pick it up. But if there's any doubt they leave a card and take the item back.


Anonymous Jamie said...

So how exactly do they judge if they should leave a package with a neighbour?

7:47 AM


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