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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We called but you were out ...

One thing that annoys me is when there's a parcel the postman tries to deliver it after I've left for work - but the sorting office it goes back to shuts before I get home ...
I'm not the only one - look at this --

When we have recorded delivery or a parcel delivered to us, we have the postman simply put a card through our letterbox then every single time we have to go to the Delivery Depot in Treorchy which is NEVER open at convenient times for us, especially as we start work very early.

Allan Leighton:
First of all, let me know which your local office is and I'll try and make sure that we deliver at a convenient time. Secondly, one of the things we're working on is to be able to use the post office as a place where you can pick up letters or parcels that could not be delivered.

So that's the post office counter rather than the sorting office?

Yes. They're open longer, the hours are more convenient, and generally there's one much closer to your home.

What about evening deliveries?

Can't be done. A lot of the mail is being shipped around the country at night so we can deliver the next day.

What about using other methods of delivery - milkmen who deliver the pinta the night before?

Because they're the competition !

Or leaving parcels at local corner shops - a new service for them, better deliver for you?

There is at least one post office within one mile of 95% of the population. Generally 4-5. So they are the corner shops.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes i totally agree, i lose a lot of post because of the incompetence of the mail service and it is very disapointing at times.

7:39 AM


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