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Monday, July 31, 2006

The basic question

Chris L in south London asks:
I have a question for Jerry. How does ethical business improve the lives of the workers in such businesses? Do B&J workers enjoy higher wages, better conditions, union rights etc?

Stay tuned. I'll put that to him on air at around 0645.


Blogger cromercrab said...

when you sold out to unilever,did you bind them to your "ethical business" principles? if so,have they honoured the commitment?

7:25 AM

Anonymous devin said...

a bit of advice as well as a silly question:
1: Im starting a brand consultancy focusing on small ethical brands, or smaller companies wanting to become ethical, what do you think the most crucial issue to address is?
2: Whatever happened to your amazing cinnamon flavoured ice cream? it was brilliant!
(PS thanks for all you are attempting to do)

8:15 AM


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