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Monday, July 31, 2006

The price is right?

Many of you - by text on 83981 or through the Breakfast website - asked about the price of ethical goods.

Is the extra price just profiteering? I think the difference should be pennies.

I believe the difference should be pennies. For B&J's fair trade vanilla, the price is the same as all our other flavours.

How can consumers know that the extra they pay (for ethical goods) is going to where the retailer is saying?

I believe customers need to be in contact with businesses and demand answers.

How can we be sure that companies are as ethical as they claim?

Companies need to be judged on their actions and not their rhetoric. Ask them what they're doing and ask them for verification.

Les Unger, Herts:
If you were losing business to others, would you consider using less sustainable sources to reduce your prices?

I firmly believe there will be more business going to the purchase of ethical products. Over time any price differential should disappear.


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