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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Credit errors

Many of our viewers say they have discovered mistakes on their credit reports, and they've had trouble putting the record straight ...

Andy, North Yorks:
My local council got my address wrong on the electoral roll and now I can't get credit.

Helen, Dorking in Surrey:
I checked my credit record. I discovered 42 mistakes. Experian corrected some but not all of the mistakes - citing that they were going off the electoral roll and that I'd have to be responsible for taking up the matter with the council.

Steve, Staffs:
A catalogue posted a credit as a debit in error. It was still there 3 years later, despite using a solicitor.

Anon by text:
I have been refused several credit checks at university. It was initially because my name was incorrect.

Anon by text:
I was discharged from bankruptcy in 2004 but credit reference agencies still have the bankruptcy active.


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