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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More on addresses

L Lingard:
I have just moved and can't get credit due to a succession of previous debtors at this address. How do I rectify this?

The previous occupants will have had no effect on your application for credit. I can't tell you why you've been refused and your credit report won't show you either. You have to go back to the lender you applied to and ask them. They are obliged under the Banking Code to give you the principle reason.

So what could it be?

The more likely reason is that you are not registered on the electoral roll which means lenders can't verify your name and address.

But someone must have said something to the viewer about previous occupants ...

Anyone who tells you that previous occupants can affect your credit worthiness are just repeating an urban myth. It's not true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jill, you claim to be pro-active if you know the reason a personal has bad credit. I was told I was refused credit because my partner and I were on on the electoral register. I sent in the form 2 months ago! I called my council and the confirm this, your call centre people told me I would have to wait until you get spoon fed the info instead of contatcing them - as you claim. Furthermore, I was advised to wait a month or so, until you have updated my file before I apply for credit. Considering my partner and I are on a very comfortable salary with no bad debt I find it discusting you make money on giving people bad credit rating. The worst thing is we actively tried to correct this, but experian refuse to help us until they deicde to.

8:29 AM


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