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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More questions

Is the credit report that you and the other companies produce the same as your credit rating?

Your credit report is not your credit rating. Each application for credit is "rated" or "scored" by the lender you apply to. They will take into account the information on your credit report but also look carefully at the information you give them on your application. Information about your job, your salary, your residential status is not held on your credit report.

So if you are turned down for credit - who makes that decision?

The lender always makes the decision.


Blogger Diana said...

I have been asking Experian for 2 months now to sort out an incorrect entry by Camelot on my credit report. As far as I am aware they have done nothing. I signed up for the monthly CreditExpert service, but have since discontinued because it's just not worth the money. No phone calls, no communication, just nothing. I am still waiting to hear why there is an entry for me from Camelot, who I have NEVER had dealings with and the entry is not my correct date of birth.

Experian are just as inefficient as British Gas, and that's sahing something!

8:48 AM


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