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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sources of information

Anon (by text):
Where do credit reference companies get their information without your consent?

The information is only held with a consumer's consent. When you apply for credit you give the lender permission to do a credit check and to provide information about any subsequent account to the credit reference agency. It's very important when taking out credit to read every document you sign. You'll find the consent about credit checking close to the place where you sign on most application forms.

Isn't this just hidden away in the small print?

No. It's usually in medium print and even if it was in the small print people really should read everything they sign.

A number of viewers have asked this - can the information you hold be used for anything else?

No. The information is used as part of the credit granting process. It is strictly ring-fenced and cannot be used for marketing or any other purpose.


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